GTUL has developed an integrated system to disassemble and clean all 9MM/40S&W, 10MM/45ACP and Glock 36 magazines. For use by Law Enforcement, competitive shooters and all those who demand positive ammunition feeding. This system addresses an often overlooked area of firearm maintenance for your Glock, cleaning the magazines. You can now take apart your magazines without Get it Now!marring, gouging, or damaging the metal liner. Quickly remove dirt, dust, powder residue and grime that may hinder reliability and cause a failure to feed. 

The Patented GTUL (U.S. Patent No. 7,712,243) minimizes wear and maintains the structural integrity of the locking tabs and notches, and limits the force that may be applied to the magazine. It can be used to remove all standard Glock floor plates for cleaning and installation of aftermarket Glock base plates. The precise fit, and compact design allows the magazine to be secured with one hand and apply force to disengage the locking tabs. This allows the other hand to be used to depress the retaining pin (if present), and slide the floor plate off. The Mag Brush has a punch built into the handle to depress the retaining pin, the nylon bristles are used to clean the magazine tube.

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Alaska State Troopers
Ketchiken, AK
Brighton Police Dept
Rochester NY
City of Franklin PD
Franklin, WI
Customs and Border Protection
Jacksonville, FL
Danish Military
Denmark NSN 1005226262357
Douglas County Sheriff's
Castlerock, CO
Douglas County Sherriff's
Herkimer, NY
Drug Enforcement Administration
Washington Field Div.
Dubuque Sheriff's
Dubuque, IA
Youngstown, OH
FBI Firearms Training Unit
Philadelphia PA
Federal Flight Deck Officers
Washington, DC
Forsyth County Sherriffs Dept
Winston-Salem, NC
Fort Lee Police Dept
Fort Lee, NJ
Franklin Twnship Police
Somerset, NJ
Holyoke PD CIB
Holyoke, MA
Jackson Police Dept
Jackson, TN
Jefferson Hills PD
Jefferson Hills, PA
Prospect Heights PD
Prospect Heights, IL
Rochester PD
Rochester, NY
SC Law Enforcement Division
Columbia, SC
University of New Hampshire Police Dept
US Border Patrol
Lynden, WA
US Marshals Service
Washington, DC
US Marshals Service
Glynco, GA
US Probation Office
Nashville, TN





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