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What magazines will the GTUL fit?
The current piece is designed to fit all 9MM/40S&W, 10MM/45ACP and Glock 36 Magazines.
How often should I clean my magazines?
It is suggested you clean your magazines before a match and everytime they hit the ground. The chance that dirt, grit, dust or grass got inside the magazine should be addressed before it is to be used again. Demonstrate the benefit of a clean magazine for yourself. Fire 50-100 rounds through each of two magazines. Disassemble one and scrub it with the Magbrush and wipe down the tube, spring and follower with a silicone cloth. Load both magazines and see how much easier the clean magazine is to load and unload. You will feel the difference.
How often should you change magazine springs?
Many competitive shooters change their magazine springs each year. Others recommend they be changed each 100 times the magazine is loaded/unloaded. This may vary based on the quality of the spring purchased. I prefer to change mine at the beginning of each competitive season, and the GTUL makes that easy to accomplish.
What is your Return Policy?
  1. GTUL wants you to be pleased with your purchase. If you have a problem with your order, contact a Customer Service Representative at 757-647-0805 to obtain a Return Authorization Number.
  2. Return your order within 30 days of receipt for a refund or credit, less shipping and handling (Only returns in new and unused condition will be accepted)
  3. Include a copy of the invoice and complete the reverse side of the document describing your reason for return. Mark the outside of the box with the Return Authorization Number.
Is your web site secure?
Yes. Our web site uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to securely transmit your information on the Internet. Essentially, SSL creates a secure channel of communication between your computer and our web site's server. SSL encrypts your data before sending it over the Internet. An easy way to verify that our web site is secure is to note the 'https://' before the web address when you are located on our shopping cart page.