Prevent wear on locking tabs during floorplate removal by keeping your Glock 9MM and 40S&W magazine clean. Suitable for standard and extended floorplates, plus one and plus two extensions, and to counter damage on the metal lining of 357 Sig and 45 GAP pistols. We recommend the MagBrush for proper disassembly

Remove the floorplate of 9MM/40S&W magazines while preventing wear on the locking tabs and damage to the metal liner. Keep those magazines clean and help prevent loose fitting floorplates. Works with both standard and extended floorplates, allowing maintenance even after your plus one, plus two extensions, have been installed. The material used will withstand thousands of cycles. US Patent 7.712,243. Works with 357 Sig and 45 GAP as well. It is strongly recommended you also purchase the Mag Brush with the correct punch to disassemble your magazines. Allen wrenches, small screw drivers, icepicks and nails are not effective and should not be used. *Donate to breast cancer research with your purchase (Magazine not included)