GTUL Magazine Cleaning System

Any firearm magazine is a pain to disassemble and clean, and those for Glock pistols are no exception. 

As ubiquitous as the Glock pistol has become--the choice of a ton of law enforcement, military, and private citizens--the magazines get dirty and require attention. If disassembly of high-capacity Glock magazines is a pain, those "Bill Clinton" 10-rounders can only be described as "hemroidic."

The folks at GTUL LLC have just the thing to handle this bothersome chore: its GTUL. The GTUL is a polymer piece that slips over the magazine near the floor plate and allows you to squeeze and release the floor plate locking tabs while sliding the floor plate off the body. I received a GTUL and Magazine Brush Mega combo, a complete magazine cleaning system, for review.

The GTUL system is based around a punch (to jab through the floor plate and dislodge the floor plate retaining plate) and a brush (to sweep the magazine interior clean) that are combined into a single piece and work with the GTUL. The combo includes GUTLS for 9mm, 10mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP magazines.

Every Glock magazine I had was dirty, so the GTUL combo arrived at the perfect time. I used it and whizzed through (comparatively speaking) about 20 magazines, including six 10-rounders. The GTUL worked just as advertised and seems like an excellent idea. There's no longer any excuse for dirty magazines.

The combination punch and brush from GTUL LLC works well with the GTUL to crack a magazine open and clean it quickly.
The red GTUL fits 9mm and .40 S&W magazines, while the lime green one is reserved for 10mm and .45 ACP magazines.

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