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Below are articles and reviews written about the GTUL Glock disassembly and cleaning tools.

Tools To Help Make Your Life Easier With Your Glocks

Once in a while, I come across a product (in this case, two products) that really stand out. So simple, yet fill a large market. Here’s the quick story on how I even found out about these products.

Load Up With GTUL U-LOAD

To help you minimize your loading time and maximize your plinking time, GTUL has developed the U-Load magazine loading tool.

Gear We Love

Available in sizes to fit every model, the GTUL Mag & Brush Combo allows for easy disassembly and cleaning of all Glock magazines, reducing the time spendt on proper maintenance of your firearm.


The removal of the factory base pad from a Glock magazine is not an easy task. Anyone familiar with Glock magazines knows they are not easy to disassemble and clean. 

The GTUL Glock Magazine Disassembly Tool

I recently purchased a couple of packages of the Vickers Tactical/Tango Down Glock magazine base pads for my 9mm magazines that I use in IDPA and USPSA competition. As I quickly discovered, removal of the factory base pads from my dedicated 10 round restricted magazines was a less than enjoyable activity...

Gun Notes

Considering the wide array of aftermarket parts added to these pistols, there's much more interest in modifying and enhancing Glocks than I had realized.

Cheap & Handy: The Right Tools for the Task

For some time after I got a GTUL Glock Magazine Cleaning Kit, I used it for its stated purpose: easy disassembly and thorough cleaning of my Glock mags, and it did a heck of a job.

GTUL Slide Removal Tool

For many years, I have taught beginners basic firearms safety, handling and maintenance. One of the most popular pistols in all my classes has always been the Glock.

GTUL/STUL Feedback

"Wow!" I put the STUL on the Glock Slide Locks and the Slide came off so easily I almost dropped it on a glass display case...


Just the right tool for the job, the new STUL - pronounced S-tool - helps you get 'yer Glock apart. The STUL (Slide Removal Tool) allows ladies with long fingernails and guys with sausage-fingers or work-worn digits to comfortably apply even downward pressure on Glock slide-locks during disassembly.

Getting an Edge

Having brought the novel GTUL to Glock users, the folks at GTUL Inc. have now introduced the STUL slide-release tool...

Glock Cleaning made easy

In Law enforcement, the Glock series of pistols has become one of the most, if not the most, popular gun in use today.

Cleaner Guns & Sweeter Shootin'

Glock magazines are notorious for harboring lint and dust-buffalo, and they are a pain to disassemble.

GTUL Magazine Cleaning System

Any firearm magazine is a pain to disassemble and clean, and those for Glock pistols are no exception.

GTUL Glock Magazine Cleaning Tool

Glock magazines can be difficult to disassemble for cleaning. Thanks to the GTUL, that is no longer the case.

Handy Handgunner Stuff

For straighter shootin', easier cleaning, safety and sheer comfort...

GTUL: Mag Maintenance

Magazines are the bane of any self-loading firearm. Pistols, rifles, automatic weapons--all of them turn into impact weapons without functioning magazines. Unfortunately, cleaning your magazines is among the most neglected parts of what should be routine maintenance for a firearm.

Kit Up

The GTUL is one of those accessories that will make you think "why didn't I think of that?"

The GTUL: Keeping Your Mags Clean

Have you ever thought about what to do with those dirty magazines?

Nook & Cranny Cleaner

The magazine can be considered the heart and soul of a semi-automatic pistol.

FMG Inside News

I also have to say thanks to Greg Morando for the GTUL he sent me to clean out magazines after they had fallen in the dust and sand...

How Clean Is Your Glock?

A properly cleaned and maintained gun and magazine will ensure your pistol shoots every time, especially when you need it the most.

Tool Time

Here's a rundown of essential items for any long-awaited "day at the range." Magazines are important.

Glock Magazine Takedown System

Anyone familiar with Glock magazines knows they can be difficult to disassemble and clean.

Should be a Part of Every Glock Armorer's Kit

After receiving the GTUL system from you, I immediately put it to the "test"...

Frank's Review

So... I’ve been a Glock armorer since the early ‘90s. Simple guns that work right – reliably. They aren’t difficult to disassemble or maintain with the exception of one thing...