GTUL Reviews

What people are saying about the GTUL integrated system to disassemble and clean all 9MM/40S&W, 10MM/45ACP and Glock 36 magazines

Effortless, Priced Right, Fast Shipping

I read a short article I went to your website and checked it out before ordering. When I used it, it was almost effortless. The price is very reasonable for everything you get. I also want to thank you for the supersonic fast shipping!

Michael S.
Whittier, NC
Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Used your tool right away on a mag I had jacked up trying to take it apart on my own. Couldn't get the squeeze right without scuffing the magazine.  Necessity is the Mother of Invention and you nailed it with GTUL!   My mags were disassembled, cleaned, reassembled and ready to go in a matter of minutes.  Simple, straight forward design and function.  I will recommend to my fellow Glock users.  Thank you.

David R
Riverview, FL
Much Easier

Got my GTUL and Mag Brush combo for a Christmas present. I am amazed at how much easier this tool makes disassembly of Glock mags. No more improvised methods. This tool is the answer. Thanks for a great product

Gary J.
Vienna, VA
GTUL MagBrush 9MM

I used the tools to break down and clean 15 Glock 17 mags some from the 1980's.  It was easy and did a great job.  I am happy to support an American company.

Travis A.
Conifer, CO
Glock 42 Combo is a Terrific Product

Got my GTUL Combo for the Glock 42. Works like a charm.  No messing with pliers, no damage to the mag, terrific product.

Larry M
Stickney, FL
Greatest Invention

This is the greatest invention for cleaning Glock magazines you guys deserve an award from the Glock company & the firearms industry. Being in a tropical country (Jamaica) the environment is very dusty & after a day at the range cleaning your magazines are a must, you have made my day. All my range buddies want their own. Keep up the good work.

Russell R.
Kingston, Jamaica
GTUL, Glock 26 and Pearce

I purchased a Glock 26 and two Pearce Grip extenstions for the ten round mags last week.  My attempts at taking those little mags apart was met with unbelievable frustration.  An internet search led me to a post on GTUL and your product page.  The metal rod sticking out of the end of the handle and the magazine squeezer worked flawlessly.  When the mags need cleaning I am sure the brush will be a worthy foe against dust and debris.  Believe it or not I almost used a C-Clamp, thanks for such a wonderful product.

Michael P
Garfield Heights, OH
Built to Last

Just wanted to drop you a line about your product, it works great, easy to use and looks like it will last a life time.

Ed G.
Spring Hill, FL

Got them today and love them. Wasn't really trying, just getting GTUL in position and the floorplate slid right off. Job well done, GTUL should get an award! STUL is slick in its own right, removes any effort in pulling down the slidelock. Thanks for making them in the USA.

Chris B
Mohnton, PA
GTUL STUL a Pleasure

These have made cleaing a Glock a more pleasureable experience. They should be sold with every Glock.

David E
Belleville, IL
STUL = Great

I have a G17 that I purchased as a trade in, it had the most difficult slide lock to operate I have ever witnessed. I have broken nails and gotten sore fingers trying to release the slide and adding an extended slidelock did not help. I gave STUL a try on that stubborn G17 and it worked like a charm, and worked great on three other models in two calibers as well. I am extremely happy, ordered three knowing you sell a quality product that performs as advertised.

Coy P
Martinsville, VA
Nice Job, Priced Right

It's a work of art, great design. I remember putting one magazine from my Glock 20 in a vice once, made a mess out of it and gave up taking apart all my other mags. I never heard about GTUL until a friend told me. I love your product and it's priced right. Nice job.

Kent K.
Manitowac, WI
Mega Combo Cleans Down Under

Got the package and had to try it as soon as I could.  It is abso-bloody-lutely awesome.  No trouble at all getting the magazine apart, only trouble I had was figuring out where to put all the dirt, dust and debris that I cleaned out of the magazines.  I managed to place it in a potplant without my wife getting suspicious.  Mate, it is brilliant, along with working beautifully, I can stop worrying about having a clean gun but a filthy magazine.  I can only thank you very much.

Andrew G
Coma Wa, Australia

Used STUL for the first time and it is great.  I removed the slide so quickly I didn't know what happened.  I will tell anyone who has a Glock about your fine products.

Jim C
Westerville, OH
Great Product Design

I was at an outdoor IDPA shooting class this afternoon and it poured rain down heavily at times. When I got home, I thought it would be a very good idea to clean up my dirty and wet magazines. With the GTUL and brush, I cleaned all five mags in about 20 minutes. The bottom line is that your product really does the job and makes short work of cleaning Glock magazines. Truly a great product that you designed.

John D.
Delaware, OH
How Easy to Use Glock 43

I have your 9mm and 45 ACP GTULs, great products and super easy to use without damaging the floorplates.  When I needed one for my Glock 43 I went to your website, great tool and great people to do business with.  I had no idea how well they worked until I bought my first one.

Milton L
Broken Arrow, OK

Just received mine, works like a charm.

Timothy N
Dallas, TX
Simple Yet Effective

Thanks for an outstanding product that was processed and delivered quickly. Makes disassembly and cleaning an easy task. I am surprised how simple yet effective it is.

Ben A.
Lemoore, CA
Order for the Department

I recently received your GTUL/mag brush combo. It works. I don't have to damage the magazine baseplates anymore when I remove them. Great product that works as advertised. I'll be ordering more for the LE department I work for.

Thank you,

Name Witheld
Smart Tool

Used my GTUL on a couple of 33 round magazines, what a different experience taking these mags apart with a smart tool.  The cleaning brush w/ punch on the other end in conjunction with GTUL makes what was a chore a pleasure.  My aging fingers certainly appreciate your better way to do things.  Thanks a million for a brilliant and simple solution.

Paul M
Plano, TX