GTUL Reviews

What people are saying about the GTUL integrated system to disassemble and clean all 9MM/40S&W, 10MM/45ACP and Glock 36 magazines

Dust and Mud Are No Match

 I was cleaning magazines after a weekend of training in dust and mud and hated the way I was doing so.  Found you on Google, when the box of GTUL Magbrush Combos arrived for me and my buddies, I grabbed the magazine in my pocket and proceeded to tear down the magazine so quickly it even impressed my daughter. Simple, efficient, and fool proof.    Great product.

Chad K

Elk City, OK

Be Nice to Your Buddies

Have been battling getting the floor plate off my Glock 27 mags since 2008. Went to YouTube and stumbled on a film showing how your product worked. Took a chance and placed an order hoping that the actual item would operate the same as the film. To my great pleasure it performed just as advertised. What I had been struggeling with was taken care of in a matter of seconds. Have friends experiencing the same problem, will tease them awhile and will then direct them to you folks. Thanks for the great product.

Ed Y.
Newbury Park, CA
Put This in Your Range Bag

A tool this great needs to be in everyone's range bag.  I have taken apart many magazines, but not a Glock mag.  When I ordered Pearce extentions to put on my 26 and went to remove the floorplate, pushed in the retaining pin and tried to slide the floorplate off, it was not too easy.  Went to You Tube, saw videos with C-Clamps, vices, and brute strength, all of which bugger up the magazine.  Found someone using your tool, looked too easy to be true, but I am glad I ordered it.  I work for a Federal Agency that uses Glocks and plan on telling everyone. 

Bryan T
Hatfield PA
9mm/40S&W GTUL Mag Brush Combo

It was a real hassle to remove the bottom plates to clean my Glock magazines.  I did some reseach online and saw how easy it was to do using GTUL and I purchased it direct.  When it arrived, with GTUL and the clear instructions I was able to disassemble my first magazine in seconds.  I think my local dealer should carry GTUL.

Luis B
Phoenix AZ

Found it on the internet and ordered, it came in a few days. What a finger nail saver.

Craig P
Westland, MI
The Real Deal

Wow, this is the real deal and would recommend this product to anyone. Cleaned five mags in less than five minutes. Can't thank you enough, finally a product that works without any extra effort.

David T
Brewton, AL

The magazine brush for 7.62 (and 5.56) seems well built and the brush fine enough to scrub away carbon desposits as well as cleaning out bigger stuff like dirt, thanks.

Jason C
Seattle WA
Glock 42 Combo

Great, wonderful, outstanding and useful products, love them.  Now when I clean my Glock my magazines get cleaned as well.  Should be on the workbench of everyone who owns a Glock.

Jim W
Jersey Shore, PA
Glock Slide Removal Tool

The Glock Slide Removal Tool you market arrived on time.  It works perfectly, especially with myself who has arthritic hands and limited arm strength to hold the Glock, depress the lock releases and remove the slide.  Great tool design, simple to use and fair price.  Plus outstanding eye catching graphics on the packaging/instructions.  Best wished on continued growth and new product launches.

Charlie M
Wesley Chapel, FL
Great Gear

This past week in Florida we had some horrendous weather, and as a LE officer was pulling people out of cars and boats that were caught in the flooding. During one rescue I slipped off a barge into dirty, sandy water. Once I got back on dry land, I put a towel on the hood of my cruiser, downloaded my mags, and with GTUL took them all apart,. I used the brush to clean them of all sand and debris and was ready to roll in minutes. Great product, great gear.

Peter T.
De Leon Springs, FL
GTUL Passes With Flying Colors

I am very happy with GTUL, I tested it and it passed with flying colors.  I am already recommending it to friends and family.

Stuart B
Brandon FL
Simple Elegant Design STUL

Saw a complimentary review on Glock ID and ordered immediately.  Now that I have the tool I can see why the member wrote the review.  Very simple, elegant design that works perfectly. I do a lot of work in plastics and appreciate the thought that went into the design.  I thank you, and my fingernails thank you.  Great turn around as well.

Mike R.
Cary, NC

Just received my GTUL for my Glock 27.  All I can say is "WOW" this piece of equipment made my day!  I have never encountered such a difficult gun magazine removing a floorplate.  My attempt to add Pearce extensions to my Glock magazines was beyond ridiculous, this tool efficiently tackled the job without any further aggravation.  Thank you and best regards.

Gene D
Thousand Oaks, CA
Perfect Product

Used GTUL tonight, it work perfectly, and I mean perfectly. Excellent product and excellent service.

Bryan L
North Olmstead OH
Great for Glock 27

I have a new Glock 27 and tried everything and ended up distorting the base plate and the piece underneath.  Just got my GTUL and barely used any pressure and the plate came right off.  Great product thanks, will order more.

Bill C
Tucson, AZ
Extremely Happy

I am extremely happy with the results I've had with your products.  I have carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands and until now I have been unable to clean my magazines.  The pain, loss of dexterity and general weakness make STUL come in handy as well!

Lauara M
Kearny, NJ

Fast delivery, tried it on my Glock 43 magazine, easy peasy, amazing.  Thanks for such an innovative and easy to use product

Tom M
Portland, OR
My New Favorite Tool

When I first saw GTUL I thought it was just another gimmick. When I purchased my second Glock and recalled the trip through the tar pits I had cleaning my first magazines, I did not want to repeat that performance. The Mega Combo came in and I set to work on my six original magazines, and was finished in less than 8 minutes. This mag cleaning system is simply fantastic, so quick, so simple, so quick I kick myself for waiting so long. It is my new favorite tool, many thanks.

Gerry Y
Seabrook TX
It's a Breeze

Received my GTUL and MagBrush Combo and I love it.  Makes working on Glock magazines a breeze.

Bob M
Tequesta, FL
Love STUL So Simple

Just got my STUL, tried it and love it.  I had a really hard time keeping a grip on the slide release, and this tool works and is so simple. So glad I saw it August issue of Guns and Ammo in an article by Craig Boddington.

Janet B
Estancia, NM