GTUL Reviews

What people are saying about the GTUL integrated system to disassemble and clean all 9MM/40S&W, 10MM/45ACP and Glock 36 magazines


GTUL is great, I have opened up magazines I had been unable to open before.  It is reasonably priced, a great product and thanks for the prompt service.

Chris C
Manhattan IL
Simple, Effective and Everything You Say

Received my 9mm GTUL and Brush, tried it right away. Unbelievable, I can now actually get my Glock Mags disassembled without pain and agony. Simple, effective and everything you say.

Dale K
O'Fallon, MO
Custom Floorplates

I always replace my Glock magazine floor plates with custom billet ones for identification purposes. The first two mags I tried to change out before buying your product resulted in (1) a bent allen wrench that I used to depress the pin (2) an elongated hole in the plastic floor plate. A total pain and poor result. Today I received my GTUL and changed out 2 floor plates. It worked exactly as advertised and took only a few seconds each to remove the old plates and put on the new ones. One of the best products yet for my Glock 23.

Mike O.
Jacksonville, FL
Appreciate the GTUL MagBrush Combo

Like it a lot, gave me more confidence and leverage to take the Glock Magazines apart.  I have only tried to take Glock mags apart a couple of times but after the experience I am certainly glad for such a useful tool.  I appreciate your product and I thank you.

Phillip H
Las Vegas, NV

Very impressed with the fast shipping and the product……I have been trying to get my 10 round magazines open for my Glock 22 for a week now with no luck.  With in SECONDS I had it off with the Gtul……One word: AMAZING.

Chris H.
Crystal City, MO
Glock 22 and GTUL

I love this tool, I've had a Glock 22 for a few years and have never been able to get the ten round magazines apart.  Got the package in the mail and with in a minute I had all three magazines taken apart.  Great tool.

Jason R
Foster City, CA
Money Well Spent

The GTUL works just as well and fast as it looks in the video. I cleaned four mags in about 2 and a half minutes. If you've got a Glock, it's money well spent.

Thanks for the great product, much success.

Harold S.
Kansas City, MO

I now have both GTUL's. In the short time I have used it, it is as great a blessing to magazine maintenance as theUpLULA is to magazine loader. Both products I find indispensible for my shooting needs.

Lou B.
Verdi, NV
Should Be Mandatory Purchase For All Glock Owners

I recently purchased a Glock 26 and Pearce grip extenders, after three days of fighting to get the baseplates off I found your website.  I purchased the Mega Combo and Slide Tool.  I disassembled, cleaned and reassembled every magazine I own in less than ten minutes.  I was glad to see the Slide Tool, every time I remove the slide I think I will rip a finger nail off.  Great tools that work perfectly.

Tony F
Darlington, SC
A Real Lifesaver for Me

Great service,  STUL is a real lifesaver for me.  I have super thin fingernails and break them badly whenever I clean my Glocks.  Incredibly easy to use, no learning curve at all, I started a thread on GID to tell everyone how useful it is. 

Jim G.
Rossford, OH
Much Easier

Got my GTUL and Mag Brush combo for a Christmas present. I am amazed at how much easier this tool makes disassembly of Glock mags. No more improvised methods. This tool is the answer. Thanks for a great product

Gary J.
Vienna, VA
9mm/40S&W GTUL MagBrush Combo is Awesome

You asked what I think?  Absolutely awesome, I will be showing it around.

Gary R
Oak Harbor, WA
Arthritis Relief With GTUL and STUL

Just got your products today, saw the magazine tool on You Tube and had to have it, as well as the slide tool because of my arthritic hands.  Thanks for inventing such awesome tools, makes my life a lot easier.

Leon M
Las Vegas, NV

IT WORKS--great tool--regular base plates, Pierce and Scherer extensions--

Lamar R.
Glencoe, MO
GTUL STUL a Pleasure

These have made cleaing a Glock a more pleasureable experience. They should be sold with every Glock.

David E
Belleville, IL
Works with Ten Rounder or Standard Mags

Your product is great, reasonably priced and makes disassembly of the Glock magazines a snap whether they are 10 round magazines or standard capacity magazines. I will gladly recommend your product to others. I only wish I had ordered the one for the .45 acp Glocks as well.

Robert S.
Powell, OH

Received it, tried it, works like a charm.  Good show.

Steve W
Gilroy, CA
So Easy, Great Invention

I have had problems removing baseplates, just tried your product and it is so easy. Great invention, great product that does exactly what it claims, I am delighted that I ordered it.

Rick S.
Mustang, OK
Brush Works Great

GTUL made my day, it is the easiest I have ever got a Glock magazine apart, and the brush works great.

Chris L.
Richfield, PA
Glock 42

Received the Glock 42 GTUL and MagBrush and they work great.  It is almost like cheating!

Richard H
Redding, CA