GTUL Reviews

What people are saying about the GTUL integrated system to disassemble and clean all 9MM/40S&W, 10MM/45ACP and Glock 36 magazines

Two G36 Combos For Two Brothers

I found out about GTUL from a You Tube video, looked you up and bought one.  The next day I ordered one for my brother.  Great turn around time on the orders.  I think GTUL is fantastic, just like everyone says on your review page.  Anyone with a Glock should have one in their cleaning kit.

Ernie H.
Viet Nam Veteran, Lake Pansoffkee FL
GTUL STUL a Pleasure

These have made cleaing a Glock a more pleasureable experience. They should be sold with every Glock.

David E
Belleville, IL

This is not the first time I ordered and am still very impressed with all your products.  Your Glock related equipment is practical, easy to use, reasonably priced and makes maintaining my Glocks much simpler and efficient.  I am not young, the slide removal tool I received before Christmas makes it much easier for me and I appreciate that.

Bill P
Colorado Springs, CO
Comes Right Off

STUL is amazing, the slide comes right off.

Michelle H
Marion IA

IT WORKS--great tool--regular base plates, Pierce and Scherer extensions--

Lamar R.
Glencoe, MO

I got the slide removal tool for my wife who has problems with hand strength.  After learning to use it she was amazed at the ease in which she could break down her weapon.  Thank you very much for making her happy.

Gary S
Ocala, FL
Great for Glock 27

I have a new Glock 27 and tried everything and ended up distorting the base plate and the piece underneath.  Just got my GTUL and barely used any pressure and the plate came right off.  Great product thanks, will order more.

Bill C
Tucson, AZ
This Thing is Perfect

Found out from a You Tube video looking for the easiest way to take down Glock Magazines.  Fast shipping, I think you guys should get a Nobel Peace Prize for awesome if one existed, this thing is perfect, simple and efficient.

Nick L
Jacksonville FL
GTUL MagBrush Combo 100%

GTUL is amazing, simple, easy tool to use that is 100% effective and super cost friendly.  I have told all the pistol owners I know about GTUL products and not just my Glock loving friends.  I give your company mad props.

Chris O
Barksdale AFB, LA
Should Be OEM

Ordered the Mega Combo, this is a must have and should be a Glock OEM option.

Laurent B
IPSC Shooter France
Brush Works Great

GTUL made my day, it is the easiest I have ever got a Glock magazine apart, and the brush works great.

Chris L.
Richfield, PA
Great Product!

Ever since I owned a Glock I wanted some kind of tool like this. By far one of the most useful tools in my kit. Great Product.

Thomas A.
The Real Deal

Wow, this is the real deal and would recommend this product to anyone. Cleaned five mags in less than five minutes. Can't thank you enough, finally a product that works without any extra effort.

David T
Brewton, AL
Quick and Easy Pearce Extensions

I have GTULs for double stack magazines and they work well.  When I purchased a Glock 42 and 43 I wanted to install Pearce extensions.  Your tool made it quick and easy.

James S
League City, TX
GTUL Mega Combo

Read about it in Patrick Sweeney's book Glock Deconstructed.   I think it is exactly as he said, works, makes it easy...can't ask for more than that, thanks.

Jon P
Westland MI
Easier with GTUL STUL

I have small hands and due to arthritis very little hand strength. Both STUL and GTUL make cleaning much easier and I do not wind up trying to use vice grips and a rag.

Randy C
Buford, GA
Works Like a Charm

What an innovative and useful idea. It works like a charm and no longer will I leave a trail of scarred magazines from all the twisting and prying. You produce a great product that does everything you claim it does. Thank you for producing such a useful tool.

John P.
Alexandria, VA

I have been using GTUL for several years and it is a great tool.  I am a retired Police Captain, Glock Armorer, Glock-A-Phile and have been carrying, shooting Glocks since my Department was one of the first to switch in 1987.  STUL is a great idea, I am 70 years old the the slide removal tool is on standby when needed. Your products and price are great.   Keep up the good work and making a Glock guys life a bit easier.

George K
G26 mags

Thanks for the prompt service and shipment.  I had some 10rd Glock 26 mags I was using a small "C" Clamp on to take apart.  I found your tools and after re-reading the instructions and a little practice, it is quite easy to use.

Dennis F.
Newman Lake, WA

Super Happy with your product, even though I have only taken apart seven magazines I already have gotten my moneys worth.  Great service, fast shipping, fair price, can't ask for more

Rick K
Anchorage AK