GTUL Reviews

What people are saying about the GTUL integrated system to disassemble and clean all 9MM/40S&W, 10MM/45ACP and Glock 36 magazines

GTUL, Glock 26 and Pearce

I purchased a Glock 26 and two Pearce Grip extenstions for the ten round mags last week.  My attempts at taking those little mags apart was met with unbelievable frustration.  An internet search led me to a post on GTUL and your product page.  The metal rod sticking out of the end of the handle and the magazine squeezer worked flawlessly.  When the mags need cleaning I am sure the brush will be a worthy foe against dust and debris.  Believe it or not I almost used a C-Clamp, thanks for such a wonderful product.

Michael P
Garfield Heights, OH
GTUL Glock 36 Well Worth It

Just got my GTUL for the Glock 36 and it is well worth the price.  I had four mags that I wanted to change the baseplates and GTUL made it a pleasurable ordeal.  I found out from a good friend Rich R, a 20 year veteran of NYPD (LT) and firearms expert.  While he was assigned to the range he did the testing and recommended the Glock for NYPD.  He spent the next 20 years as the Chief of Wellfleet, MA Police Dept.  He is my firearms guru.

Chief - Retired
Passaic County Sheriffs Dept

Lieutenant -  Retired

John C.

I got the slide removal tool for my wife who has problems with hand strength.  After learning to use it she was amazed at the ease in which she could break down her weapon.  Thank you very much for making her happy.

Gary S
Ocala, FL
So Easy, Great Invention

I have had problems removing baseplates, just tried your product and it is so easy. Great invention, great product that does exactly what it claims, I am delighted that I ordered it.

Rick S.
Mustang, OK
Where Were You 20 Years Ago?

I have owned Glocks since they first came to America and was not aware of an easy way to clean magazines. I have tried all the methods, clamps, vice grips, table top, then I saw your ad in Combat Handguns. When the Mega Combo arrived I got to work, if you can call it that. Where were you 20 years ago, I had no idea it could be so easy. Now all my mags will get a good cleaning and will recommend your products to all Glock owners looking for the best and easiest way to clean those dirty, neglected magazines.

Terry S
Lima, OH
Arthritis Relief With GTUL and STUL

Just got your products today, saw the magazine tool on You Tube and had to have it, as well as the slide tool because of my arthritic hands.  Thanks for inventing such awesome tools, makes my life a lot easier.

Leon M
Las Vegas, NV
Recommended for Any Glock Owner

We use Glocks for our duty weapons and I have scuffed up a few mags trying to disassemble them for cleaning. I was impressed by the simplicity of the device and its relatively inexpensive price so I ordered one to try it out. I was amazed at how efficiently this allows magazine disassembly. Before I would use pliers and this would take time (3-5 mins.) because I was trying not to damage the mag. I disassembled and re-assembled the mag three times in about a minute without any damage to the mag. I then used the mag brush. I liked the fact that it was nylon, thus preventing damage to the interior of the mag. It was big enough to adequately clean the entire mag and long enough that you don't hit your hand on the mag. Based upon this initial experience, I would l recommend this tool combo for any Glock owner. In fact, I will be recommending it to the armorers and other officers at my PD.

Thanks for the great product, much success.

Justin W.
Greencastle, PA
No Excuse

I was a little skeptical in thinking what kind of gimmick is the GTUL. I have multiple glock mags, and after purchasing Pearce Grip extensions decided to change the mags myself. Nothing complicated, but what a pain it was to remove the base plate- even with a punch tool. I can honestly say that it took me 10 seconds to remove the base plate with the GTUL with no effort at all! Now I have no excuse in not cleaning my mags. A GREAT product that I will highly recommend.

Ron B

Super Happy with your product, even though I have only taken apart seven magazines I already have gotten my moneys worth.  Great service, fast shipping, fair price, can't ask for more

Rick K
Anchorage AK
It's a Breeze

Maintenance on my Glock magazines is a breeze now and I don't have to worry about damaging them either. Keep up the good work on a quality product.

Jeffrey S.
Portland, OR
Simple, Elegant, Made in the USA

First, what a simple and elegant solution to magazine disassembly. I love using products that incorporate creativity and thought into their design, and the this one seems to win on all counts. After struggling with Glock mags for years I'm happy to have the GTUL.  I try to purchase US-made products from innovative companies whenever I can, and I was gratified to see that you haven't outsourced manufacturing to China.  I don't mind paying reasonable charges to shop online, but I also know that it doesn't cost $12.99 to ship something like this - so I appreciate you keeping it affordable!

Daniel B
Austin, TX

Fast delivery, tried it on my Glock 43 magazine, easy peasy, amazing.  Thanks for such an innovative and easy to use product

Tom M
Portland, OR

IT WORKS--great tool--regular base plates, Pierce and Scherer extensions--

Lamar R.
Glencoe, MO
Brush Works Great

GTUL made my day, it is the easiest I have ever got a Glock magazine apart, and the brush works great.

Chris L.
Richfield, PA
GTUL STUL Work as Advertised

GTUL made replacing the floorplate on my G36 with Pearce grips an easy task. Ordered STUL also and find your products work as advertised, ship promptly and are price fairly. I will recommend your products to my friends.

Mike M
Ashburn, VA

Super Happy with your product, even though I have only taken apart seven magazines I already have gotten my moneys worth.  Great service, fast shipping, fair price, can't ask for more

Rick K
Anchorage AK
American Made Shipped Fast

Received my GTUL and tried it immediately. Within seconds I disassembled 5 magazines in less time than I could take apart one without your tools. GTUL is a simple and effective tool every Glock owner/Armorer should have, Period. I like that is is American made, shipped so fast and so reasonable.

Kurt J
Lima, OH
Pearce Extensions

I had bought a Pearce mag extension and could not for the life of me, get the floorplate off, even after realizing you had to compress the sides of the magazine. Saw your ad in a gun magazine and ordered the GTUL. Works like a charm. Every Glock owner should have one.

John B.
Providence Forge, VA
It's a Breeze

Received my GTUL and MagBrush Combo and I love it.  Makes working on Glock magazines a breeze.

Bob M
Tequesta, FL
STUL = Great

I have a G17 that I purchased as a trade in, it had the most difficult slide lock to operate I have ever witnessed. I have broken nails and gotten sore fingers trying to release the slide and adding an extended slidelock did not help. I gave STUL a try on that stubborn G17 and it worked like a charm, and worked great on three other models in two calibers as well. I am extremely happy, ordered three knowing you sell a quality product that performs as advertised.

Coy P
Martinsville, VA