GTUL Reviews

What people are saying about the GTUL integrated system to disassemble and clean all 9MM/40S&W, 10MM/45ACP and Glock 36 magazines


GTUL is great, I have opened up magazines I had been unable to open before.  It is reasonably priced, a great product and thanks for the prompt service.

Chris C
Manhattan IL
Glock Slide Removal Tool

The Glock Slide Removal Tool you market arrived on time.  It works perfectly, especially with myself who has arthritic hands and limited arm strength to hold the Glock, depress the lock releases and remove the slide.  Great tool design, simple to use and fair price.  Plus outstanding eye catching graphics on the packaging/instructions.  Best wished on continued growth and new product launches.

Charlie M
Wesley Chapel, FL
My New Favorite Tool

When I first saw GTUL I thought it was just another gimmick. When I purchased my second Glock and recalled the trip through the tar pits I had cleaning my first magazines, I did not want to repeat that performance. The Mega Combo came in and I set to work on my six original magazines, and was finished in less than 8 minutes. This mag cleaning system is simply fantastic, so quick, so simple, so quick I kick myself for waiting so long. It is my new favorite tool, many thanks.

Gerry Y
Seabrook TX
Mega Combo / MTUL

Read about your products in Concealed Carry and had been thinking after 7 years it was time to clean my magazines.  Your website was professional, informattive and I like the videos.  Few days after ordering the package arrived and I was impressed how sturdy everything was.   Using the directions on the back of the package I had the magazine apart in a few seconds.  Could not believe how easy it was.  Thanks for a great product.

Joe M
Hinckey OH
Quick and Easy Pearce Extensions

I have GTULs for double stack magazines and they work well.  When I purchased a Glock 42 and 43 I wanted to install Pearce extensions.  Your tool made it quick and easy.

James S
League City, TX
Genius Tool

Received my GTUL/MagBrush Combo, followed the instructions and laughed with glee when the pesky G36 Magazine Floor Plate just popped free with little effort.  I had tried everyone elses suggestions on the internet including the C-Clamp.  No soap, but at least all I marred was the retaining pin.  My G36 is new and all I wanted to do was install a "Plus 0" extension from Pearce.  Thanks to GTUL got one installed in no time.  Nice to know I can pull magazine maintenance whenever I want without fear of harming my Glock.  GTUL makes disassembly easy.

Craig R
West Desmoines, IA
GTUL MagBrush Combo 100%

GTUL is amazing, simple, easy tool to use that is 100% effective and super cost friendly.  I have told all the pistol owners I know about GTUL products and not just my Glock loving friends.  I give your company mad props.

Chris O
Barksdale AFB, LA
Quick with Little Effort

I spent about 20 mins installing a Pearce grip extension on my Glock 26 mag with a pair of channel locks and a lot of cussing. Your GTUL turned it into a literally 15 second job with little effort.

David B.
Nashville, TN
U-LOAD is Perfect

Your speedloader is perfect.  The spring in the magazine for the GSG-1911 is quite stiff and the pins you need to hold down are pretty small.  Your loader really makes a great difference.

Mike M
Cobbs Creek, VA
No Excuse

I was a little skeptical in thinking what kind of gimmick is the GTUL. I have multiple glock mags, and after purchasing Pearce Grip extensions decided to change the mags myself. Nothing complicated, but what a pain it was to remove the base plate- even with a punch tool. I can honestly say that it took me 10 seconds to remove the base plate with the GTUL with no effort at all! Now I have no excuse in not cleaning my mags. A GREAT product that I will highly recommend.

Ron B
Smart Tool

Used my GTUL on a couple of 33 round magazines, what a different experience taking these mags apart with a smart tool.  The cleaning brush w/ punch on the other end in conjunction with GTUL makes what was a chore a pleasure.  My aging fingers certainly appreciate your better way to do things.  Thanks a million for a brilliant and simple solution.

Paul M
Plano, TX
You Need One

Shipping was quicker than I thought, the video explains everything you need to do, and I was able to clean all my magazines faster and better than before. If you shoot you need one, if you compete and don't have one you're asking for trouble.

Tom B
Georgetown, KY
Essential Item for Glocks

Got my cleaning tool today. Thanks for the fast shipping. Of all the things I bought for my Glocks that I didn't need, this is the one thing I did need. I still have the scars on my knuckles to prove it. Thank you for a great product.

Daniel L.
Constantine, MI
Mega Combo Cleans Down Under

Got the package and had to try it as soon as I could.  It is abso-bloody-lutely awesome.  No trouble at all getting the magazine apart, only trouble I had was figuring out where to put all the dirt, dust and debris that I cleaned out of the magazines.  I managed to place it in a potplant without my wife getting suspicious.  Mate, it is brilliant, along with working beautifully, I can stop worrying about having a clean gun but a filthy magazine.  I can only thank you very much.

Andrew G
Coma Wa, Australia
Best Tools Ever

This is the best tool for Glock mags, I can finally get them apart to clean and a brush to boot.  I can go on and on about the slide removal tool, and so can my fingers.  Thanks for putting them on the market.

Tom C
Monroe, CT

The GTUL is the work of a genius. Simple, idiot proof, will last forever. It’s stable on the bench allowing my arthritic hands to find the hole with a punch and simply push down to get the floorplate off. No vice, or vice grips, no damage to the magazine or guessing how much pressure to put on the sides to clear the tabs. And, by NOT forcing the floorplate over the tabs, the tabs will stay square and effective longer.

The Brush - The brush will clean ALL my magazines - no longer pushing an old t-shirt through the magazine with a screwdriver or punch.

I’m glad I found your site.

Rich M
Ret. LE So Cal
Great Product, Speedy Delivery

I was searching the Internet for a quick and painless way to disassemble and clean Glock magazines when I came across your GTUL & Mag Brush Combo. I received it today and it works perfectly. Thanks for a great product and a super-speedy delivery. I'll recommend it to all my friends.

Harry H.
San Antonio, TX

Very impressed with the fast shipping and the product……I have been trying to get my 10 round magazines open for my Glock 22 for a week now with no luck.  With in SECONDS I had it off with the Gtul……One word: AMAZING.

Chris H.
Crystal City, MO

Just a couple of minutes after I opened my package the first mag was taken down. The task is so simple now.

Andy Y.
Daly City, CA
Everything You Need

I am currently attending a Criminal Justice Academy and a fellow recruit allowed me to use his GTUL and I loved it! It has everything I need to disassemble and clean my Glock magazines. I'll be showing your product to my coworkers once I return to work.

Alan G.
Haughton, LA