GTUL Reviews

What people are saying about the GTUL integrated system to disassemble and clean all 9MM/40S&W, 10MM/45ACP and Glock 36 magazines

This Thing is Perfect

Found out from a You Tube video looking for the easiest way to take down Glock Magazines.  Fast shipping, I think you guys should get a Nobel Peace Prize for awesome if one existed, this thing is perfect, simple and efficient.

Nick L
Jacksonville FL
Super Slick

Thanks for the prompt service. After using it for the first time tonight - all I can say is this thing is super slick! It makes cleaning those Glock 19 mags so much easier. Thanks for a great product.

Matthew A.
Saco, ME
No Sweat

Just received my package, they function perfectly.  I am a retired Army Infantryman with too large fingers, until now I have never been able to disassemble my Glock Magazines,  now it is "No Sweat."  Thanks.

Mike L
Texarkana AR
Brush Works Great

GTUL made my day, it is the easiest I have ever got a Glock magazine apart, and the brush works great.

Chris L.
Richfield, PA
Great Product Design

I was at an outdoor IDPA shooting class this afternoon and it poured rain down heavily at times. When I got home, I thought it would be a very good idea to clean up my dirty and wet magazines. With the GTUL and brush, I cleaned all five mags in about 20 minutes. The bottom line is that your product really does the job and makes short work of cleaning Glock magazines. Truly a great product that you designed.

John D.
Delaware, OH

I have been using GTUL for several years and it is a great tool.  I am a retired Police Captain, Glock Armorer, Glock-A-Phile and have been carrying, shooting Glocks since my Department was one of the first to switch in 1987.  STUL is a great idea, I am 70 years old the the slide removal tool is on standby when needed. Your products and price are great.   Keep up the good work and making a Glock guys life a bit easier.

George K
Completely Effective

Saw my son's GTUL borrowed it and knew I had to have one.  Great tool, simple and completely effective for its intended purpose easier than any other method I have tried or seen on YouTube.  Nice to know you are neighbors in NC, keep up the good work and made in Ameria, Oh Yeah!

Gene B
Virginia Beach, VA
GTUL Passes With Flying Colors

I am very happy with GTUL, I tested it and it passed with flying colors.  I am already recommending it to friends and family.

Stuart B
Brandon FL
What a Breeze

Just got my tools today, what a difference, love the product makes Glock disassembly a breeze (unlike another product)  Thank you.

Leo J
Irvine, CA
Nice Job, Priced Right

It's a work of art, great design. I remember putting one magazine from my Glock 20 in a vice once, made a mess out of it and gave up taking apart all my other mags. I never heard about GTUL until a friend told me. I love your product and it's priced right. Nice job.

Kent K.
Manitowac, WI

Used STUL for the first time and it is great.  I removed the slide so quickly I didn't know what happened.  I will tell anyone who has a Glock about your fine products.

Jim C
Westerville, OH
Easiest One Yet

I have carried and used Glocks for over 20 years and I have used many methods to remove the base plate, Channel lock pliers, Etc and this was the easiest one yet.

Bob M.
Huachuca, AZ
A Real Lifesaver for Me

Great service,  STUL is a real lifesaver for me.  I have super thin fingernails and break them badly whenever I clean my Glocks.  Incredibly easy to use, no learning curve at all, I started a thread on GID to tell everyone how useful it is. 

Jim G.
Rossford, OH
Great Product!

Ever since I owned a Glock I wanted some kind of tool like this. By far one of the most useful tools in my kit. Great Product.

Thomas A.
Purchase Both

First I tried the Slide tool and it worked the first time, no more fumbling with the slide lock.  Then I tried GTUL and the Mag Brush, what a pleasure to take a mag apart in seconds without worrying about damage to them.  Your products are amazing, Glock should include them with every gun they sell, they make the tasks so simple.  Anyone who owns a Glock should buy both.

Ron F
Alberta Canada
Fast Shipping, Helpful Video

I ordered my GTUL on Friday and it arrived here in California on Monday. My GTUL worked flawlessly on my Pre-Ban standard capacity magazines. My 10 round Clinton magazines required some manipulation, but after viewing your video, I was able to remove the baseplate. Great tool. I would never have attempted the baseplate removal without the GTUL.

Mark Y.
Los Angeles, CA
This is a Jim Dandy GTUL MagBrush Combo

I hate Glock mags, and never cleaned one, I am a 1911 shooter.  During a recent IDPA Classifier my Glock failed to go to slidelock on an empty mag and a fellow shooter asked when the last time was I cleaned my mag.  I replied "Never, too damn hard"  He told me about your website and a nearby shooter wanted one as well, so I ordered two. Work fine, good invention.

Paul B
Temple, TX
This is a Must Have Product

This is a deal that works really well on all double stack mags but especially glock mags! For glock owners, this is a must have product in my opinion. For non glock owners, the brush alone is worth getting the entire gtul kit!

Bill P.
Colorado Springs, CO
Much Needed GTUL STUL

The slide removal tool has been needed for a long years, having torn fingernails trying to remove my Glock slide. GTUL works great for adding Scherer extensions, thank you for some very needed products

Name Witheld
Great Product Made in the USA

I received the GTUL earlier this week and can say I absolutely love it! This thing makes taking my Glock mags apart a breeze and indeed a pleasure. I have approximately 40 mags and will be disassembling them all this weekend for cleaning and upgrades. Thanks for developing a great idea and producing a quality product that is made in the greatest nation on earth.

David W.
Indian Harbour Beach, FL