GTUL Reviews

What people are saying about the GTUL integrated system to disassemble and clean all 9MM/40S&W, 10MM/45ACP and Glock 36 magazines

Where Were You 20 Years Ago?

I have owned Glocks since they first came to America and was not aware of an easy way to clean magazines. I have tried all the methods, clamps, vice grips, table top, then I saw your ad in Combat Handguns. When the Mega Combo arrived I got to work, if you can call it that. Where were you 20 years ago, I had no idea it could be so easy. Now all my mags will get a good cleaning and will recommend your products to all Glock owners looking for the best and easiest way to clean those dirty, neglected magazines.

Terry S
Lima, OH
Department Armorer

I am the Dept Amorer and our issue weapon was a SIG but we allowed our LEOs to carry Glocks if they wanted.  When I did annual inspections I borrowed a GTUL from a friend I shoot competitively with.  Now that we are transitioning to Glock 19s I figured it was time for me to put a GTUL in my armorer's bag.  When people come in and complain about Glock floorplates, I remove them in 3 seconds and they wander off all confused and inadequate.

Bob W
Lodi CA
Comes Right Off

STUL is amazing, the slide comes right off.

Michelle H
Marion IA
A Better Way For Glock Mags

I came across your tool searching on Google, I knew there had to be a better way.  If you go to enough training camps it is a must, you got it to me quickly and it was packaged like you guys care.  Thank you for your product, I will use mine and make sure I tell all my friends.

Carl L
Woodbridge, IL
Simple Yet Effective

Thanks for an outstanding product that was processed and delivered quickly. Makes disassembly and cleaning an easy task. I am surprised how simple yet effective it is.

Ben A.
Lemoore, CA
Super Slick

Thanks for the prompt service. After using it for the first time tonight - all I can say is this thing is super slick! It makes cleaning those Glock 19 mags so much easier. Thanks for a great product.

Matthew A.
Saco, ME
I Absolutely Love This Tool

Received my kit yesterday and immediately put it to work (smile)  This is exactly what I was looking for. I  Absolutely love this tool, it makes disassembling and cleaning magazines a breeze.  Found you online looking for a way to end my magazine maintenance problems.  Thank you for a great product.

Ivan G
Williamsburg VA

GTUL is great, I have opened up magazines I had been unable to open before.  It is reasonably priced, a great product and thanks for the prompt service.

Chris C
Manhattan IL
Great Product Design

I was at an outdoor IDPA shooting class this afternoon and it poured rain down heavily at times. When I got home, I thought it would be a very good idea to clean up my dirty and wet magazines. With the GTUL and brush, I cleaned all five mags in about 20 minutes. The bottom line is that your product really does the job and makes short work of cleaning Glock magazines. Truly a great product that you designed.

John D.
Delaware, OH

Just a couple of minutes after I opened my package the first mag was taken down. The task is so simple now.

Andy Y.
Daly City, CA
Rock Down Under

Had a stone in a ten round magazine and was not looking forward to taking it apart. Got home, grabbed GTUL and I have to tell you that is one of the best tools ever invented. Took it apart so easy I was stunned. Great product, not often you buy something that works as advertised.

Frank D.
Melbourne, Australia

I have been using GTUL for several years and it is a great tool.  I am a retired Police Captain, Glock Armorer, Glock-A-Phile and have been carrying, shooting Glocks since my Department was one of the first to switch in 1987.  STUL is a great idea, I am 70 years old the the slide removal tool is on standby when needed. Your products and price are great.   Keep up the good work and making a Glock guys life a bit easier.

George K

Super Happy with your product, even though I have only taken apart seven magazines I already have gotten my moneys worth.  Great service, fast shipping, fair price, can't ask for more

Rick K
Anchorage AK
Simple Elegant Design STUL

Saw a complimentary review on Glock ID and ordered immediately.  Now that I have the tool I can see why the member wrote the review.  Very simple, elegant design that works perfectly. I do a lot of work in plastics and appreciate the thought that went into the design.  I thank you, and my fingernails thank you.  Great turn around as well.

Mike R.
Cary, NC
GTUL, Glock 26 and Pearce

I purchased a Glock 26 and two Pearce Grip extenstions for the ten round mags last week.  My attempts at taking those little mags apart was met with unbelievable frustration.  An internet search led me to a post on GTUL and your product page.  The metal rod sticking out of the end of the handle and the magazine squeezer worked flawlessly.  When the mags need cleaning I am sure the brush will be a worthy foe against dust and debris.  Believe it or not I almost used a C-Clamp, thanks for such a wonderful product.

Michael P
Garfield Heights, OH

Received the Slide Tool and Magazine Tool and they both work great.  When my magazines felt gritty and needed cleaning, I remembered what a pain Glock magazines were and went to You Tube.  From there I went to your website and discovered the Slide Tool.  It is refreshing to find something that works as well as these do and not cost 50 dollars each.  Thank you and keep up the good work.

Dean B
Menomonie, WI

I have been in Law Enforcement since the early 70's.  I have been using Glocks since the early 90's and have one on my belt most of the day.  I have problems with both hands and my gripping power with the thumbs is not what it used to be, been having trouble taking the Glock apart.  Received your tool and it make the maintenance problem go away.  Been using a pair of modified pliers but found your took works very well and is less likely to damage the weapon.

Name Withheld
Midland City, AL
Awesome Tool

Awesome tool! As a cometitive shooter with 3 glocks and many magazines, I have in the past struggled taking the mags apart to clean them and had resorted to brushing them out without disassembling them. Thanks to your creativity, I now can clean them in a couple of minutes, even during a match.

Maryann M.
Guilderland, NY
Popped Open First Try

It works great! I fished around myself without one for a while and then gave up, felt sure I was going to break something. Never seemed to be able to get enough pressure on the sides either. The GTUL made it easy, just read the instructions, and popped the mag open first try. This is the way things should be made, simple, easy to use, effective, and at a fair price. Nice job.

Bill B
Allen TX
Smart Tool

Used my GTUL on a couple of 33 round magazines, what a different experience taking these mags apart with a smart tool.  The cleaning brush w/ punch on the other end in conjunction with GTUL makes what was a chore a pleasure.  My aging fingers certainly appreciate your better way to do things.  Thanks a million for a brilliant and simple solution.

Paul M
Plano, TX