GTUL Reviews

What people are saying about the GTUL integrated system to disassemble and clean all 9MM/40S&W, 10MM/45ACP and Glock 36 magazines

9mm/40S&W GTUL Mag Brush Combo

It was a real hassle to remove the bottom plates to clean my Glock magazines.  I did some reseach online and saw how easy it was to do using GTUL and I purchased it direct.  When it arrived, with GTUL and the clear instructions I was able to disassemble my first magazine in seconds.  I think my local dealer should carry GTUL.

Luis B
Phoenix AZ

After using my GTUL and MagBrush a couple of times I am 110% satisfied.  It could not work better to get the floorplate off a Glock magazine.  The way it squeezes the mag at precisely the right area to release the locking tabs is perfect.  Thank you for a great product.

Branden A
Anchorage, AK
Arthritis Relief With GTUL and STUL

Just got your products today, saw the magazine tool on You Tube and had to have it, as well as the slide tool because of my arthritic hands.  Thanks for inventing such awesome tools, makes my life a lot easier.

Leon M
Las Vegas, NV
GTUL STUL Bees Knees

Had encountered trouble with the G43 Magazine basepad removal, GTUL works like a charm.  Installed extended slide releases on all Glocks but have soft fingernails and are still difficult to manipulate.  STUL is the bees knees, y'all definitely identified specific needs and designed products to very effectively answer at a very reasonable price point.  Many thanks.

Ray B
Wake Forest, NC

Once again you have outdone yourself. STUL is amazing, fast and easy to use, it makes taking a Glock slide off a snap. This is a must have tool for anyone who owns or works on Glocks. Thanks for a fantastic product.

Fred T
Clarkesville, TN

Best Glock Mag Tools on the market, my Brush and 9mm GTUL are over five years old and still like new.

Kirk N
Raleigh, NC
Mega Combo / MTUL

Read about your products in Concealed Carry and had been thinking after 7 years it was time to clean my magazines.  Your website was professional, informattive and I like the videos.  Few days after ordering the package arrived and I was impressed how sturdy everything was.   Using the directions on the back of the package I had the magazine apart in a few seconds.  Could not believe how easy it was.  Thanks for a great product.

Joe M
Hinckey OH
Appreciate the GTUL MagBrush Combo

Like it a lot, gave me more confidence and leverage to take the Glock Magazines apart.  I have only tried to take Glock mags apart a couple of times but after the experience I am certainly glad for such a useful tool.  I appreciate your product and I thank you.

Phillip H
Las Vegas, NV

Just a couple of minutes after I opened my package the first mag was taken down. The task is so simple now.

Andy Y.
Daly City, CA
What a Breeze

Just got my tools today, what a difference, love the product makes Glock disassembly a breeze (unlike another product)  Thank you.

Leo J
Irvine, CA
Genius Tool

Received my GTUL/MagBrush Combo, followed the instructions and laughed with glee when the pesky G36 Magazine Floor Plate just popped free with little effort.  I had tried everyone elses suggestions on the internet including the C-Clamp.  No soap, but at least all I marred was the retaining pin.  My G36 is new and all I wanted to do was install a "Plus 0" extension from Pearce.  Thanks to GTUL got one installed in no time.  Nice to know I can pull magazine maintenance whenever I want without fear of harming my Glock.  GTUL makes disassembly easy.

Craig R
West Desmoines, IA
Glock 42

Received the Glock 42 GTUL and MagBrush and they work great.  It is almost like cheating!

Richard H
Redding, CA
10mm Glock 40 GTUL Combo and STUL

GTUL works like a charm on my 10mm magazines. More impressive to my 57 year old beat up hands is STUL.  Oh my goodness, I love not having to buy other slidelocks.  Heck one STUL is about the price of one slidelock and works on all my Glocks.  A "Godsend" I tell yah!  Well made, top quality stuff, why wouldn't EVERY Glock owner have these?  Thanks!

Vince K
Harrisburg, PA
My New Favorite Tool

When I first saw GTUL I thought it was just another gimmick. When I purchased my second Glock and recalled the trip through the tar pits I had cleaning my first magazines, I did not want to repeat that performance. The Mega Combo came in and I set to work on my six original magazines, and was finished in less than 8 minutes. This mag cleaning system is simply fantastic, so quick, so simple, so quick I kick myself for waiting so long. It is my new favorite tool, many thanks.

Gerry Y
Seabrook TX
Cleans Easy and Preserves

Love the product! I serve both as a detective and a member of our department's ERT. I practice a ton. I believe a clean magazine is a safe magazine! Your product makes keeping them clean very easy and preserves the life of the magazine.

Name Witheld
Worth. Every. Penny

Just received my slide removal tool and could not believe how easy and convenient it is to use.  Worth. Every. Penny.  To an older gunner (65 next month) with fingers not so agile and strong as they used to be, this product is a godsend.  Won't be without mine ever again and will tell everyone that this is the Glock accessory to have.  Thanks too for the quick turn around.

Thomas B
Jacksonville, FL
Clever Tool/Handy Brush

GTULs are clever little devices.  I have  seen 2-3 products which provide leverage to remove the floorplate but round off the locking tabs.  Not Good!  MagBrush is handy as well.

Terrance D

Maryville, WA

Much Easier

Got my GTUL and Mag Brush combo for a Christmas present. I am amazed at how much easier this tool makes disassembly of Glock mags. No more improvised methods. This tool is the answer. Thanks for a great product

Gary J.
Vienna, VA
U-LOAD Works With a Lot More

I have been extraordinarily pleased with your new tool to aid in loading the GSG 1911-22 mags and Sig Sauer.  It works flawlessly and saves these old fingers.  Do not sell yourself short, the tool works great for my mags with the Walther P22, the Ruger SR22, S&W M&P Compact 22, and the great little Browning 1911-22.  We teach a bunch of beginners and are often loading 30 ten round mags at once.  Ouch!  Your gizmo is a godsend, many thanks for your creativity.

Ralph G
Windsor, CO

Just received my GTUL for my Glock 27.  All I can say is "WOW" this piece of equipment made my day!  I have never encountered such a difficult gun magazine removing a floorplate.  My attempt to add Pearce extensions to my Glock magazines was beyond ridiculous, this tool efficiently tackled the job without any further aggravation.  Thank you and best regards.

Gene D
Thousand Oaks, CA