GTUL Reviews

What people are saying about the GTUL integrated system to disassemble and clean all 9MM/40S&W, 10MM/45ACP and Glock 36 magazines

Perfect Product

Used GTUL tonight, it work perfectly, and I mean perfectly. Excellent product and excellent service.

Bryan L
North Olmstead OH
Extremely Happy

I am extremely happy with the results I've had with your products.  I have carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands and until now I have been unable to clean my magazines.  The pain, loss of dexterity and general weakness make STUL come in handy as well!

Lauara M
Kearny, NJ
Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Used your tool right away on a mag I had jacked up trying to take it apart on my own. Couldn't get the squeeze right without scuffing the magazine.  Necessity is the Mother of Invention and you nailed it with GTUL!   My mags were disassembled, cleaned, reassembled and ready to go in a matter of minutes.  Simple, straight forward design and function.  I will recommend to my fellow Glock users.  Thank you.

David R
Riverview, FL

I have been in Law Enforcement since the early 70's.  I have been using Glocks since the early 90's and have one on my belt most of the day.  I have problems with both hands and my gripping power with the thumbs is not what it used to be, been having trouble taking the Glock apart.  Received your tool and it make the maintenance problem go away.  Been using a pair of modified pliers but found your took works very well and is less likely to damage the weapon.

Name Withheld
Midland City, AL
Pearce Extensions Glock 43

Recently attempted to remove the floorplates off four Glock 43 magazines using just a Glock Tool, that did not work. Met with a friend and he used the GTUL to easily and safely remove the floorplates so I could add Pearce extensions.  The 43 mags would not come apart otherwise and I did not want to use pliers or C clamps and risk fracturing the magazine body.  After my experience with my friend I ordered 3 GTULs.

David J
Rochester, MN
Affordable and Easy to Use

I lost valuable time during a shooting stage when my magazine follower jammed because of sand and debris in the magazine tube. I had dropped my mags and just tapped the magazines to knock off the dirt but did not clean them thoroughly, it was a pain to try and remove the Glock floor plate. Your product makes cleaning Glock magazines a breeze. It is so easy to remove the magazine floor plate and run the brush through it. Losing a match because of a dirty magazine can no longer be an excuse for me. Thanks for creating and offering a great product. If you are a competition shooter and shoot a Glock, this tool is a must have. There isn't another like it on the market at this very affordable price and I have been looking.

John L.
Hampton, GA
Two G36 Combos For Two Brothers

I found out about GTUL from a You Tube video, looked you up and bought one.  The next day I ordered one for my brother.  Great turn around time on the orders.  I think GTUL is fantastic, just like everyone says on your review page.  Anyone with a Glock should have one in their cleaning kit.

Ernie H.
Viet Nam Veteran, Lake Pansoffkee FL
Simple, Elegant, Made in the USA

First, what a simple and elegant solution to magazine disassembly. I love using products that incorporate creativity and thought into their design, and the this one seems to win on all counts. After struggling with Glock mags for years I'm happy to have the GTUL.  I try to purchase US-made products from innovative companies whenever I can, and I was gratified to see that you haven't outsourced manufacturing to China.  I don't mind paying reasonable charges to shop online, but I also know that it doesn't cost $12.99 to ship something like this - so I appreciate you keeping it affordable!

Daniel B
Austin, TX
American Made Shipped Fast

Received my GTUL and tried it immediately. Within seconds I disassembled 5 magazines in less time than I could take apart one without your tools. GTUL is a simple and effective tool every Glock owner/Armorer should have, Period. I like that is is American made, shipped so fast and so reasonable.

Kurt J
Lima, OH
Loved It, Loved the Price.

Loved the GTUL made it so easy to take apart and clean my magazines. Must own product and is priced perfectly. Was worth every penny.

Anthony G
Oceanside, Ca

Very impressed with the fast shipping and the product……I have been trying to get my 10 round magazines open for my Glock 22 for a week now with no luck.  With in SECONDS I had it off with the Gtul……One word: AMAZING.

Chris H.
Crystal City, MO

Used STUL for the first time and it is great.  I removed the slide so quickly I didn't know what happened.  I will tell anyone who has a Glock about your fine products.

Jim C
Westerville, OH

Super Happy with your product, even though I have only taken apart seven magazines I already have gotten my moneys worth.  Great service, fast shipping, fair price, can't ask for more

Rick K
Anchorage AK
Be Nice to Your Buddies

Have been battling getting the floor plate off my Glock 27 mags since 2008. Went to YouTube and stumbled on a film showing how your product worked. Took a chance and placed an order hoping that the actual item would operate the same as the film. To my great pleasure it performed just as advertised. What I had been struggeling with was taken care of in a matter of seconds. Have friends experiencing the same problem, will tease them awhile and will then direct them to you folks. Thanks for the great product.

Ed Y.
Newbury Park, CA

After using my GTUL and MagBrush a couple of times I am 110% satisfied.  It could not work better to get the floorplate off a Glock magazine.  The way it squeezes the mag at precisely the right area to release the locking tabs is perfect.  Thank you for a great product.

Branden A
Anchorage, AK
10mm Glock 40 GTUL Combo and STUL

GTUL works like a charm on my 10mm magazines. More impressive to my 57 year old beat up hands is STUL.  Oh my goodness, I love not having to buy other slidelocks.  Heck one STUL is about the price of one slidelock and works on all my Glocks.  A "Godsend" I tell yah!  Well made, top quality stuff, why wouldn't EVERY Glock owner have these?  Thanks!

Vince K
Harrisburg, PA
Mega Combo / MTUL

Read about your products in Concealed Carry and had been thinking after 7 years it was time to clean my magazines.  Your website was professional, informattive and I like the videos.  Few days after ordering the package arrived and I was impressed how sturdy everything was.   Using the directions on the back of the package I had the magazine apart in a few seconds.  Could not believe how easy it was.  Thanks for a great product.

Joe M
Hinckey OH
Mega Combo Cleans Down Under

Got the package and had to try it as soon as I could.  It is abso-bloody-lutely awesome.  No trouble at all getting the magazine apart, only trouble I had was figuring out where to put all the dirt, dust and debris that I cleaned out of the magazines.  I managed to place it in a potplant without my wife getting suspicious.  Mate, it is brilliant, along with working beautifully, I can stop worrying about having a clean gun but a filthy magazine.  I can only thank you very much.

Andrew G
Coma Wa, Australia

The magazine brush for 7.62 (and 5.56) seems well built and the brush fine enough to scrub away carbon desposits as well as cleaning out bigger stuff like dirt, thanks.

Jason C
Seattle WA

This is not the first time I ordered and am still very impressed with all your products.  Your Glock related equipment is practical, easy to use, reasonably priced and makes maintaining my Glocks much simpler and efficient.  I am not young, the slide removal tool I received before Christmas makes it much easier for me and I appreciate that.

Bill P
Colorado Springs, CO