GTUL Reviews

What people are saying about the GTUL integrated system to disassemble and clean all 9MM/40S&W, 10MM/45ACP and Glock 36 magazines


Just a couple of minutes after I opened my package the first mag was taken down. The task is so simple now.

Andy Y.
Daly City, CA

Super Happy with your product, even though I have only taken apart seven magazines I already have gotten my moneys worth.  Great service, fast shipping, fair price, can't ask for more

Rick K
Anchorage AK
Clever Tool/Handy Brush

GTULs are clever little devices.  I have  seen 2-3 products which provide leverage to remove the floorplate but round off the locking tabs.  Not Good!  MagBrush is handy as well.

Terrance D

Maryville, WA

Greatest Invention

This is the greatest invention for cleaning Glock magazines you guys deserve an award from the Glock company & the firearms industry. Being in a tropical country (Jamaica) the environment is very dusty & after a day at the range cleaning your magazines are a must, you have made my day. All my range buddies want their own. Keep up the good work.

Russell R.
Kingston, Jamaica
Arthritis Relief With GTUL and STUL

Just got your products today, saw the magazine tool on You Tube and had to have it, as well as the slide tool because of my arthritic hands.  Thanks for inventing such awesome tools, makes my life a lot easier.

Leon M
Las Vegas, NV

I got the slide removal tool for my wife who has problems with hand strength.  After learning to use it she was amazed at the ease in which she could break down her weapon.  Thank you very much for making her happy.

Gary S
Ocala, FL
GTUL MagBrush Combo 10mm/45ACP

Received my package and it worked great on 10 round magazines.  The 10 round mags are notorious for being difficult to disassemble and I did not want to damage them.  This tool solved a lot of problems and I got my 10% springs installed.

Frank M
British Columbia, Canada

Finally my mag pinching days are over, GTUL is brilliant and works as advertised, simple and effective.  I struggled with Glock magazines for over twenty years and it was not fun, you have a Great Product.

Ben S
Portland, OR
Last a Lifetime

Attempted to replace a broken follower and could not get the floorplate off no matter what I did or how hard I squeezed the sides.  Having GTUL to squeeze while I worked on the retaining pinI got the floorplate off in seconds.  I had worked on that mag previously a dozen times.  Nice sturdy tool should last a lifetime.

Ed W.
Alberta, Canada
Comes Right Off

STUL is amazing, the slide comes right off.

Michelle H
Marion IA

Super Happy with your product, even though I have only taken apart seven magazines I already have gotten my moneys worth.  Great service, fast shipping, fair price, can't ask for more

Rick K
Anchorage AK

The GTUL is the work of a genius. Simple, idiot proof, will last forever. It’s stable on the bench allowing my arthritic hands to find the hole with a punch and simply push down to get the floorplate off. No vice, or vice grips, no damage to the magazine or guessing how much pressure to put on the sides to clear the tabs. And, by NOT forcing the floorplate over the tabs, the tabs will stay square and effective longer.

The Brush - The brush will clean ALL my magazines - no longer pushing an old t-shirt through the magazine with a screwdriver or punch.

I’m glad I found your site.

Rich M
Ret. LE So Cal
Nice Job, Priced Right

It's a work of art, great design. I remember putting one magazine from my Glock 20 in a vice once, made a mess out of it and gave up taking apart all my other mags. I never heard about GTUL until a friend told me. I love your product and it's priced right. Nice job.

Kent K.
Manitowac, WI
Genius Tool

Received my GTUL/MagBrush Combo, followed the instructions and laughed with glee when the pesky G36 Magazine Floor Plate just popped free with little effort.  I had tried everyone elses suggestions on the internet including the C-Clamp.  No soap, but at least all I marred was the retaining pin.  My G36 is new and all I wanted to do was install a "Plus 0" extension from Pearce.  Thanks to GTUL got one installed in no time.  Nice to know I can pull magazine maintenance whenever I want without fear of harming my Glock.  GTUL makes disassembly easy.

Craig R
West Desmoines, IA
Glock Disassembly Tool

Received it in 3-4 days and could not be happier.  Easy to use and works very well, thanks for a great product.

William S.
Sarasota, FL
What a Breeze

Just got my tools today, what a difference, love the product makes Glock disassembly a breeze (unlike another product)  Thank you.

Leo J
Irvine, CA

After using my GTUL and MagBrush a couple of times I am 110% satisfied.  It could not work better to get the floorplate off a Glock magazine.  The way it squeezes the mag at precisely the right area to release the locking tabs is perfect.  Thank you for a great product.

Branden A
Anchorage, AK
Super Slick

Thanks for the prompt service. After using it for the first time tonight - all I can say is this thing is super slick! It makes cleaning those Glock 19 mags so much easier. Thanks for a great product.

Matthew A.
Saco, ME
Looks Like a Winner

Used it on a Glock 26 with a Pierce pinky grip extension.  GTUL provides a more stable grip and minimizes the possiblity of damaging the magazine.

John W
Riverside, CA
Great for Glock 27

I have a new Glock 27 and tried everything and ended up distorting the base plate and the piece underneath.  Just got my GTUL and barely used any pressure and the plate came right off.  Great product thanks, will order more.

Bill C
Tucson, AZ