GTUL Reviews

What people are saying about the GTUL integrated system to disassemble and clean all 9MM/40S&W, 10MM/45ACP and Glock 36 magazines

Order for the Department

I recently received your GTUL/mag brush combo. It works. I don't have to damage the magazine baseplates anymore when I remove them. Great product that works as advertised. I'll be ordering more for the LE department I work for.

Thank you,

Name Witheld
Purchase Both

First I tried the Slide tool and it worked the first time, no more fumbling with the slide lock.  Then I tried GTUL and the Mag Brush, what a pleasure to take a mag apart in seconds without worrying about damage to them.  Your products are amazing, Glock should include them with every gun they sell, they make the tasks so simple.  Anyone who owns a Glock should buy both.

Ron F
Alberta Canada
Great for Glock 27

I have a new Glock 27 and tried everything and ended up distorting the base plate and the piece underneath.  Just got my GTUL and barely used any pressure and the plate came right off.  Great product thanks, will order more.

Bill C
Tucson, AZ
A Better Way For Glock Mags

I came across your tool searching on Google, I knew there had to be a better way.  If you go to enough training camps it is a must, you got it to me quickly and it was packaged like you guys care.  Thank you for your product, I will use mine and make sure I tell all my friends.

Carl L
Woodbridge, IL
As Advertised

Worked exactly as advertised! I can't imagine a Glock owner not wanting one. I've literally spent hours trying to disassemble Glock mags in the past, using pliers, and a vise, with little success. I've gotten them apart, but usually only after a lot of frustration and dinged up mags. Your product allowed me to take the mag apart in seconds, with no damage to the mags. Worked great, fair price, made in America, and good customer support. Can't ask for anything more.

Todd A
Port Huron MI
No Excuse

I was a little skeptical in thinking what kind of gimmick is the GTUL. I have multiple glock mags, and after purchasing Pearce Grip extensions decided to change the mags myself. Nothing complicated, but what a pain it was to remove the base plate- even with a punch tool. I can honestly say that it took me 10 seconds to remove the base plate with the GTUL with no effort at all! Now I have no excuse in not cleaning my mags. A GREAT product that I will highly recommend.

Ron B
Must Have Kit

My GTUL and brush order was placed on a Friday morning and received the product on Monday afternoon ( sooner than expected and first hint that things were going right). The GTUL worked just as published and the Glock 21 magazines were cleaned by Monday evening. Just Perfect. Nice work. Bravo Zulu. The GTUL is a must have piece of kit for Glock shooters.

Kent B.
Pensacola, FL

I now have both GTUL's. In the short time I have used it, it is as great a blessing to magazine maintenance as theUpLULA is to magazine loader. Both products I find indispensible for my shooting needs.

Lou B.
Verdi, NV
Great Product Design

I was at an outdoor IDPA shooting class this afternoon and it poured rain down heavily at times. When I got home, I thought it would be a very good idea to clean up my dirty and wet magazines. With the GTUL and brush, I cleaned all five mags in about 20 minutes. The bottom line is that your product really does the job and makes short work of cleaning Glock magazines. Truly a great product that you designed.

John D.
Delaware, OH
Works with Ten Rounder or Standard Mags

Your product is great, reasonably priced and makes disassembly of the Glock magazines a snap whether they are 10 round magazines or standard capacity magazines. I will gladly recommend your product to others. I only wish I had ordered the one for the .45 acp Glocks as well.

Robert S.
Powell, OH

The magazine brush for 7.62 (and 5.56) seems well built and the brush fine enough to scrub away carbon desposits as well as cleaning out bigger stuff like dirt, thanks.

Jason C
Seattle WA
Great Product, Speedy Delivery

I was searching the Internet for a quick and painless way to disassemble and clean Glock magazines when I came across your GTUL & Mag Brush Combo. I received it today and it works perfectly. Thanks for a great product and a super-speedy delivery. I'll recommend it to all my friends.

Harry H.
San Antonio, TX
Where Were You 20 Years Ago?

I have owned Glocks since they first came to America and was not aware of an easy way to clean magazines. I have tried all the methods, clamps, vice grips, table top, then I saw your ad in Combat Handguns. When the Mega Combo arrived I got to work, if you can call it that. Where were you 20 years ago, I had no idea it could be so easy. Now all my mags will get a good cleaning and will recommend your products to all Glock owners looking for the best and easiest way to clean those dirty, neglected magazines.

Terry S
Lima, OH
Simple, Elegant, Made in the USA

First, what a simple and elegant solution to magazine disassembly. I love using products that incorporate creativity and thought into their design, and the this one seems to win on all counts. After struggling with Glock mags for years I'm happy to have the GTUL.  I try to purchase US-made products from innovative companies whenever I can, and I was gratified to see that you haven't outsourced manufacturing to China.  I don't mind paying reasonable charges to shop online, but I also know that it doesn't cost $12.99 to ship something like this - so I appreciate you keeping it affordable!

Daniel B
Austin, TX
Affordable and Easy to Use

I lost valuable time during a shooting stage when my magazine follower jammed because of sand and debris in the magazine tube. I had dropped my mags and just tapped the magazines to knock off the dirt but did not clean them thoroughly, it was a pain to try and remove the Glock floor plate. Your product makes cleaning Glock magazines a breeze. It is so easy to remove the magazine floor plate and run the brush through it. Losing a match because of a dirty magazine can no longer be an excuse for me. Thanks for creating and offering a great product. If you are a competition shooter and shoot a Glock, this tool is a must have. There isn't another like it on the market at this very affordable price and I have been looking.

John L.
Hampton, GA
Lot Easier

Great product. I cleaned about 10 mags the 1st day I received my GTUL. I would not clean them before because I just could'nt get the mags apart. One mag give me problems, but I was still able to take it apart and the rest I can get apart in seconds. Thanks for making my work a lot easier.

Danny P.
Las Vegas, NV
GTUL is Simple

GTUL allows me with arthritic hands to dismantle my mags without marring and is much easier than other methods. GTUL automatically puts your hands in the proper position to safely take your mags apart and is priced fairly.

Parowan, UT
This is a Jim Dandy GTUL MagBrush Combo

I hate Glock mags, and never cleaned one, I am a 1911 shooter.  During a recent IDPA Classifier my Glock failed to go to slidelock on an empty mag and a fellow shooter asked when the last time was I cleaned my mag.  I replied "Never, too damn hard"  He told me about your website and a nearby shooter wanted one as well, so I ordered two. Work fine, good invention.

Paul B
Temple, TX
It's a Breeze

Maintenance on my Glock magazines is a breeze now and I don't have to worry about damaging them either. Keep up the good work on a quality product.

Jeffrey S.
Portland, OR
No Longer a Chore

Stripping Glock magazines without GTUL was a drawn out chore. After using GTUL it took less than 10 minutes to clean all 7 magazines. Will now make cleaning magazines a regular occurance after the range.

Phil W
St. Petersburg, FL