GTUL Reviews

What people are saying about the GTUL integrated system to disassemble and clean all 9MM/40S&W, 10MM/45ACP and Glock 36 magazines

Order for the Department

I recently received your GTUL/mag brush combo. It works. I don't have to damage the magazine baseplates anymore when I remove them. Great product that works as advertised. I'll be ordering more for the LE department I work for.

Thank you,

Name Witheld
No Sweat

Just received my package, they function perfectly.  I am a retired Army Infantryman with too large fingers, until now I have never been able to disassemble my Glock Magazines,  now it is "No Sweat."  Thanks.

Mike L
Texarkana AR
Works with Ten Rounder or Standard Mags

Your product is great, reasonably priced and makes disassembly of the Glock magazines a snap whether they are 10 round magazines or standard capacity magazines. I will gladly recommend your product to others. I only wish I had ordered the one for the .45 acp Glocks as well.

Robert S.
Powell, OH
Totally Satisfied

Wow! Cleaned my range mags. w/ease. Totally satisfied w/your product. The GTUL is easy and efficient to use. Thanks for making magazine cleaning an easy process - finally.

Nic M
Portland, MI
Awesome Product

I Purchased the Mega Combo after trying to install an aftermarket grip extension on my Glock 27.  My initial efforts were grim, and I looked on the web where I saw a video of someone using your tools. I ordered  and anxiously waited for it to arrive.  With in ten seconds of opening your product I had the bottom plate off and the new one in place.  I was beyond thrilled, thank you.

Chris M
Thornton, CO
Mega Combo and STUL Order Processing Payment and Shipping Fast and EZ

I like to keep my pistols clean, and clean them every time I use them and will disassemble them to clean if it has been a while since I used them.  I love Glocks but always thought there had to be a better way to take them down.  I have average hands and strength but grasping the slide locks and pulling them down has always been a major pain. Noticed your ad in Gun World and could not wait to order, went to your sight and ordered both STUL and the GTUL Mag Brush Mega Combo.  I tried them as soon as I got them - WOW!!  Both tools are so good and effective I wish I had thought of them myself.  Well designed and effective tools for Glock maintenance.  Order processing, payment and shipping was fast and easy.

John L
Union City MI
Easiest One Yet

I have carried and used Glocks for over 20 years and I have used many methods to remove the base plate, Channel lock pliers, Etc and this was the easiest one yet.

Bob M.
Huachuca, AZ
9mm/40S&W GTUL Mag Brush Combo

It was a real hassle to remove the bottom plates to clean my Glock magazines.  I did some reseach online and saw how easy it was to do using GTUL and I purchased it direct.  When it arrived, with GTUL and the clear instructions I was able to disassemble my first magazine in seconds.  I think my local dealer should carry GTUL.

Luis B
Phoenix AZ

Finally my mag pinching days are over, GTUL is brilliant and works as advertised, simple and effective.  I struggled with Glock magazines for over twenty years and it was not fun, you have a Great Product.

Ben S
Portland, OR

After using my GTUL and MagBrush a couple of times I am 110% satisfied.  It could not work better to get the floorplate off a Glock magazine.  The way it squeezes the mag at precisely the right area to release the locking tabs is perfect.  Thank you for a great product.

Branden A
Anchorage, AK

I have been using GTUL for several years and it is a great tool.  I am a retired Police Captain, Glock Armorer, Glock-A-Phile and have been carrying, shooting Glocks since my Department was one of the first to switch in 1987.  STUL is a great idea, I am 70 years old the the slide removal tool is on standby when needed. Your products and price are great.   Keep up the good work and making a Glock guys life a bit easier.

George K
Most Amazing

This is the most amazing tool for my glock yet. Thought I'd lost a magazine but now this is exactly what i needed. I cleaned all 10 of my mags in less than 10 minutes. Hope you guys keep making stuff this good.

Thad T
Arvada, CO
Looks Like a Winner

Used it on a Glock 26 with a Pierce pinky grip extension.  GTUL provides a more stable grip and minimizes the possiblity of damaging the magazine.

John W
Riverside, CA
GTUL MagBrush 9MM

I used the tools to break down and clean 15 Glock 17 mags some from the 1980's.  It was easy and did a great job.  I am happy to support an American company.

Travis A.
Conifer, CO

I have 4 mags, got them all disassembled, cleaned and reassembled in less than 15 minutes! UNREAL! Up until today I haven't taken the mags down since I purchased them 4 years ago. I tried and tried the internet instructions posted for these Clinton mags, but, never got it opened. Until I used your tool. Excellent tool! I found out about the GTUL from a guy on YouTube. Very helpful video.

Allen L
Honolulu, HI
Simple, Effective and Everything You Say

Received my 9mm GTUL and Brush, tried it right away. Unbelievable, I can now actually get my Glock Mags disassembled without pain and agony. Simple, effective and everything you say.

Dale K
O'Fallon, MO
GTUL With Every Glock?

I've owned a Glock for two years and find it frustrating I cannot take the magazine apart with my bare hands to clean.  I am 110% satisfied with GTUL, I can take apart a magazine in less than 10 seconds.  I believe since Glock designs the magazine with locking tabs they might as well include your product with every new gun they sell.

Anthony L.
Kirkland, WA
GTUL is a Must Have

Received my GTUL set and am completely impressed. All my old magazines have gouges and scratches from pliers I have used, GTUL makes disassembly and cleaning easy and gouge free. I cleaned 9 mags in less than 30 minutes. This is an absolute must have for anyone with a Glock and will recommend to our range staff to maintain our Department Glocks.

Officer Joe
Denver PD
G26 mags

Thanks for the prompt service and shipment.  I had some 10rd Glock 26 mags I was using a small "C" Clamp on to take apart.  I found your tools and after re-reading the instructions and a little practice, it is quite easy to use.

Dennis F.
Newman Lake, WA
Fast Shipping, Helpful Video

I ordered my GTUL on Friday and it arrived here in California on Monday. My GTUL worked flawlessly on my Pre-Ban standard capacity magazines. My 10 round Clinton magazines required some manipulation, but after viewing your video, I was able to remove the baseplate. Great tool. I would never have attempted the baseplate removal without the GTUL.

Mark Y.
Los Angeles, CA