GTUL Reviews

What people are saying about the GTUL integrated system to disassemble and clean all 9MM/40S&W, 10MM/45ACP and Glock 36 magazines


You asked, and normally I would not respond, but this is THE tool for Glock Magazine maintenance.

Ernie T
Arvado, CO
Mega Combo and STUL Order Processing Payment and Shipping Fast and EZ

I like to keep my pistols clean, and clean them every time I use them and will disassemble them to clean if it has been a while since I used them.  I love Glocks but always thought there had to be a better way to take them down.  I have average hands and strength but grasping the slide locks and pulling them down has always been a major pain. Noticed your ad in Gun World and could not wait to order, went to your sight and ordered both STUL and the GTUL Mag Brush Mega Combo.  I tried them as soon as I got them - WOW!!  Both tools are so good and effective I wish I had thought of them myself.  Well designed and effective tools for Glock maintenance.  Order processing, payment and shipping was fast and easy.

John L
Union City MI
Every Department Should At Least Have One

I was a Glock law enforcement armorer and firearms instructor for years. I still own several Glock's. One of the biggest training and miantenance problems has always been magazine dis-assembly and cleaning. That pinch required to free the magazine floor plate requires more effort than my tired old and arthritic fingers can exert these days. Your tool is perfect for me. I also think it would be perfect for any Glock armorer. Every department fielding Glock pistols should have at least one of your tool kits. A clean magazine is a functioning magazine. Pistols don't work without a properly functioning magazine, and your tool should encourage cleaner magazines by making it easy to do. Good job!

Great Product, Speedy Delivery

I was searching the Internet for a quick and painless way to disassemble and clean Glock magazines when I came across your GTUL & Mag Brush Combo. I received it today and it works perfectly. Thanks for a great product and a super-speedy delivery. I'll recommend it to all my friends.

Harry H.
San Antonio, TX
Comes Right Off

STUL is amazing, the slide comes right off.

Michelle H
Marion IA
GTUL STUL a Pleasure

These have made cleaing a Glock a more pleasureable experience. They should be sold with every Glock.

David E
Belleville, IL
Perfect Product

Used GTUL tonight, it work perfectly, and I mean perfectly. Excellent product and excellent service.

Bryan L
North Olmstead OH
Loved It, Loved the Price.

Loved the GTUL made it so easy to take apart and clean my magazines. Must own product and is priced perfectly. Was worth every penny.

Anthony G
Oceanside, Ca
Rock Down Under

Had a stone in a ten round magazine and was not looking forward to taking it apart. Got home, grabbed GTUL and I have to tell you that is one of the best tools ever invented. Took it apart so easy I was stunned. Great product, not often you buy something that works as advertised.

Frank D.
Melbourne, Australia
Put This in Your Range Bag

A tool this great needs to be in everyone's range bag.  I have taken apart many magazines, but not a Glock mag.  When I ordered Pearce extentions to put on my 26 and went to remove the floorplate, pushed in the retaining pin and tried to slide the floorplate off, it was not too easy.  Went to You Tube, saw videos with C-Clamps, vices, and brute strength, all of which bugger up the magazine.  Found someone using your tool, looked too easy to be true, but I am glad I ordered it.  I work for a Federal Agency that uses Glocks and plan on telling everyone. 

Bryan T
Hatfield PA
It's a Breeze

Maintenance on my Glock magazines is a breeze now and I don't have to worry about damaging them either. Keep up the good work on a quality product.

Jeffrey S.
Portland, OR
The Real Deal

Used GTUL to install some grip extentions on my glock 26 mags. it is the real deal! What used to be a problem is now a pleasure. Anyone that owns a Glock needs a GTUL to take care of a very important part of the weapon. A big thanks to you!

Debbie B.
St. Robert, MO
Last a Lifetime

Attempted to replace a broken follower and could not get the floorplate off no matter what I did or how hard I squeezed the sides.  Having GTUL to squeeze while I worked on the retaining pinI got the floorplate off in seconds.  I had worked on that mag previously a dozen times.  Nice sturdy tool should last a lifetime.

Ed W.
Alberta, Canada
Simple, Elegant, Made in the USA

First, what a simple and elegant solution to magazine disassembly. I love using products that incorporate creativity and thought into their design, and the this one seems to win on all counts. After struggling with Glock mags for years I'm happy to have the GTUL.  I try to purchase US-made products from innovative companies whenever I can, and I was gratified to see that you haven't outsourced manufacturing to China.  I don't mind paying reasonable charges to shop online, but I also know that it doesn't cost $12.99 to ship something like this - so I appreciate you keeping it affordable!

Daniel B
Austin, TX

I have worked as a part time gunsmith for over 20 years at 4 different gun stores, alot of new products on the market some good most of it is high priced junk. I like your product, easy to use and it works.

Wendell M.
Tyrone, GA
Everything You Need

I am currently attending a Criminal Justice Academy and a fellow recruit allowed me to use his GTUL and I loved it! It has everything I need to disassemble and clean my Glock magazines. I'll be showing your product to my coworkers once I return to work.

Alan G.
Haughton, LA
Like Both The GTUL MagBrush Combo and STUL

I have always hated messing with Glock Magazines.  Friends would bring me their magazines because I let it slip I could take them apart.  GTUL makes it much easier.  The Slide Removal Tool makes it easier on the fingers and finger nails.  Thanks for making some great, helpful tools.

Dennis T
Visalia, CA
My New Favorite Tool

When I first saw GTUL I thought it was just another gimmick. When I purchased my second Glock and recalled the trip through the tar pits I had cleaning my first magazines, I did not want to repeat that performance. The Mega Combo came in and I set to work on my six original magazines, and was finished in less than 8 minutes. This mag cleaning system is simply fantastic, so quick, so simple, so quick I kick myself for waiting so long. It is my new favorite tool, many thanks.

Gerry Y
Seabrook TX
I Love This Tool

I wanted to install pinky extensions, saw a video on You Tube where a small vice grip was used.  It took me an hour and a half and I ruined one magazine.  If I had used GTUL I could have swapped out all the magazines in ten minutes.  I love this tool.

John C
Cincinnati, OH
Easiest One Yet

I have carried and used Glocks for over 20 years and I have used many methods to remove the base plate, Channel lock pliers, Etc and this was the easiest one yet.

Bob M.
Huachuca, AZ