GTUL Reviews

What people are saying about the GTUL integrated system to disassemble and clean all 9MM/40S&W, 10MM/45ACP and Glock 36 magazines

I Absolutely Love This Tool

Received my kit yesterday and immediately put it to work (smile)  This is exactly what I was looking for. I  Absolutely love this tool, it makes disassembling and cleaning magazines a breeze.  Found you online looking for a way to end my magazine maintenance problems.  Thank you for a great product.

Ivan G
Williamsburg VA
STUL Saves Fingernails

Thanks for the amazing prompt shipment.  I tried STUL and it works great, saves a lot of broken fingernails.  The second one is for my shooting buddy.  Saw STUL on Glocktalk.  After a visit to the range I was struggling to remove the slide of my Glock 19 for cleaning and decided it was time to give STUL a try.  Thanks for a great product.

Barry E
Wellington FL
Love STUL So Simple

Just got my STUL, tried it and love it.  I had a really hard time keeping a grip on the slide release, and this tool works and is so simple. So glad I saw it August issue of Guns and Ammo in an article by Craig Boddington.

Janet B
Estancia, NM
GTUL Mega Combo

Read about it in Patrick Sweeney's book Glock Deconstructed.   I think it is exactly as he said, works, makes it easy...can't ask for more than that, thanks.

Jon P
Westland MI
U-Load Works Great and is Well Made in the USA

I absolutely love the ease of loading brought about by your product, you can tell it is well made and will last a long time. Hope to get to the range with my granddaughters soon for some quality time and will need these loaders. Thanks for a great product.

Richard K

Aylett, VA


Once again you have outdone yourself. STUL is amazing, fast and easy to use, it makes taking a Glock slide off a snap. This is a must have tool for anyone who owns or works on Glocks. Thanks for a fantastic product.

Fred T
Clarkesville, TN
Be Nice to Your Buddies

Have been battling getting the floor plate off my Glock 27 mags since 2008. Went to YouTube and stumbled on a film showing how your product worked. Took a chance and placed an order hoping that the actual item would operate the same as the film. To my great pleasure it performed just as advertised. What I had been struggeling with was taken care of in a matter of seconds. Have friends experiencing the same problem, will tease them awhile and will then direct them to you folks. Thanks for the great product.

Ed Y.
Newbury Park, CA
Great Work

Got my package quick and was excited to give it a try.  I have weak grip strength and trying to install a Pearce grip gave me a lot of trouble, headache and sore fingers.  I saw GTUL on youtube and it made the job easy, took less than a minute.  Glad I made the purchase, can tell this is a quality product that serves its purpose perfectly, keep up the great work.

Mike J
Lynwood, WA
Lot Easier

Great product. I cleaned about 10 mags the 1st day I received my GTUL. I would not clean them before because I just could'nt get the mags apart. One mag give me problems, but I was still able to take it apart and the rest I can get apart in seconds. Thanks for making my work a lot easier.

Danny P.
Las Vegas, NV

Best Glock Mag Tools on the market, my Brush and 9mm GTUL are over five years old and still like new.

Kirk N
Raleigh, NC
Great Products

I hated the way I was cleaning dirty magazines after training.  Jumped on Google and saw you were the number one hit so ordered 4 for my buddies and self. Received your package and immediately opened it, took the magazine I was carrying in my pocket and tore it down so quickly it even impressed my daughter.  Simple, effficient and foolproof.  Great product I will promote it during my training classes.

Chad K
Elk City, OK
Smart Tool

Used my GTUL on a couple of 33 round magazines, what a different experience taking these mags apart with a smart tool.  The cleaning brush w/ punch on the other end in conjunction with GTUL makes what was a chore a pleasure.  My aging fingers certainly appreciate your better way to do things.  Thanks a million for a brilliant and simple solution.

Paul M
Plano, TX