GTUL Reviews

What people are saying about the GTUL integrated system to disassemble and clean all 9MM/40S&W, 10MM/45ACP and Glock 36 magazines

Must Have Kit

My GTUL and brush order was placed on a Friday morning and received the product on Monday afternoon ( sooner than expected and first hint that things were going right). The GTUL worked just as published and the Glock 21 magazines were cleaned by Monday evening. Just Perfect. Nice work. Bravo Zulu. The GTUL is a must have piece of kit for Glock shooters.

Kent B.
Pensacola, FL
Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Used your tool right away on a mag I had jacked up trying to take it apart on my own. Couldn't get the squeeze right without scuffing the magazine.  Necessity is the Mother of Invention and you nailed it with GTUL!   My mags were disassembled, cleaned, reassembled and ready to go in a matter of minutes.  Simple, straight forward design and function.  I will recommend to my fellow Glock users.  Thank you.

David R
Riverview, FL
GTUL Mega Combo

Read about it in Patrick Sweeney's book Glock Deconstructed.   I think it is exactly as he said, works, makes it easy...can't ask for more than that, thanks.

Jon P
Westland MI
GTUL Glock 36 Well Worth It

Just got my GTUL for the Glock 36 and it is well worth the price.  I had four mags that I wanted to change the baseplates and GTUL made it a pleasurable ordeal.  I found out from a good friend Rich R, a 20 year veteran of NYPD (LT) and firearms expert.  While he was assigned to the range he did the testing and recommended the Glock for NYPD.  He spent the next 20 years as the Chief of Wellfleet, MA Police Dept.  He is my firearms guru.

Chief - Retired
Passaic County Sheriffs Dept

Lieutenant -  Retired

John C.
Rock Down Under

Had a stone in a ten round magazine and was not looking forward to taking it apart. Got home, grabbed GTUL and I have to tell you that is one of the best tools ever invented. Took it apart so easy I was stunned. Great product, not often you buy something that works as advertised.

Frank D.
Melbourne, Australia
Easier with GTUL STUL

I have small hands and due to arthritis very little hand strength. Both STUL and GTUL make cleaning much easier and I do not wind up trying to use vice grips and a rag.

Randy C
Buford, GA
Built to Last

Just wanted to drop you a line about your product, it works great, easy to use and looks like it will last a life time.

Ed G.
Spring Hill, FL

Found it on the internet and ordered, it came in a few days. What a finger nail saver.

Craig P
Westland, MI
GTUL is a Must Have

Received my GTUL set and am completely impressed. All my old magazines have gouges and scratches from pliers I have used, GTUL makes disassembly and cleaning easy and gouge free. I cleaned 9 mags in less than 30 minutes. This is an absolute must have for anyone with a Glock and will recommend to our range staff to maintain our Department Glocks.

Officer Joe
Denver PD
9mm/40S&W GTUL Mag Brush Combo

It was a real hassle to remove the bottom plates to clean my Glock magazines.  I did some reseach online and saw how easy it was to do using GTUL and I purchased it direct.  When it arrived, with GTUL and the clear instructions I was able to disassemble my first magazine in seconds.  I think my local dealer should carry GTUL.

Luis B
Phoenix AZ

I have been in Law Enforcement since the early 70's.  I have been using Glocks since the early 90's and have one on my belt most of the day.  I have problems with both hands and my gripping power with the thumbs is not what it used to be, been having trouble taking the Glock apart.  Received your tool and it make the maintenance problem go away.  Been using a pair of modified pliers but found your took works very well and is less likely to damage the weapon.

Name Withheld
Midland City, AL

The GTUL is the work of a genius. Simple, idiot proof, will last forever. It’s stable on the bench allowing my arthritic hands to find the hole with a punch and simply push down to get the floorplate off. No vice, or vice grips, no damage to the magazine or guessing how much pressure to put on the sides to clear the tabs. And, by NOT forcing the floorplate over the tabs, the tabs will stay square and effective longer.

The Brush - The brush will clean ALL my magazines - no longer pushing an old t-shirt through the magazine with a screwdriver or punch.

I’m glad I found your site.

Rich M
Ret. LE So Cal
Nice Job, Priced Right

It's a work of art, great design. I remember putting one magazine from my Glock 20 in a vice once, made a mess out of it and gave up taking apart all my other mags. I never heard about GTUL until a friend told me. I love your product and it's priced right. Nice job.

Kent K.
Manitowac, WI